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  • Product: Caustic Calcined Magnesia Ball
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  • 上架时间: 2012-07-06
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  Caustic calcined magnesia ball is made from caustic calcined magnesite powder, shaped by ball press. It is characterized by uniform granularity, high mechanical strength, good activity. It is easy to melt in high temperature slag, easy to operate, and it is an ideal regulating material for slag-splashing furnace protection of converter. Caustic calcined magnesia ball is mainly used as the slag regulator for slag-splashing furnace protection of converter.
  Because slag-splashing furnace protection requires appropriate viscosity and refractoriness, reasonable slag content is the key for slag-splashing furnace protection. Common slag can’t be applied to slag-splashing furnace protection directly, a certain amount of caustic calcined magnesia balls need to be added to adjust, meanwhile replacing the usage of dolomite, reducing the quantity of slag, increasing MgO content in slag.   Because MgO is a mineral with high melting point of 2800℃, by increasing the MgO content in slag, the viscosity of slag and refractoriness will also be increased, which will make it easier for the slag combine together with the linings and form an effective slag protection layer, thus improving the service life of linings and reducing consumption.

Name Specification chemical content diameter(mm)
MgO≥ CaO≤ SiO2≤ LOI≤
caustic calcined magnesia ball 65 65 1.5 5 30 20-60
68 66 1.5 5 28 20-60
70 70 1.5 5 25 20-60